Home Staging

Do you need to stage?

Absolutely! Consider staging an investment. On average, staged homes bring in higher offers and sell faster.

With the real estate market and prices on the rise, every realtor agrees that a property with fabulous pictures online attracts more attention, gets shown first and sells at the highest price – because it is staged. Home staging is the craft we use to prepare your property to sell. Empty rooms can’t showcase many of your property’s best features, other than square footage. And, staging gets prospective buyers excited about the space by helping them visualize how and what they can fit in the space.

For an overview of staging success statistics, read this Profile of Home Staging from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Use this staging calculator to determine how much more your home could bring in if it were properly staged.

Vacant Home Staging

Vacant home staging transforms a space from a building shell into an attractive lifestyle offering.
We bring in furniture, accessories, wall art and decor items, and leave you with a showcase. We take a blank canvas and create a story potential buyers are enthralled with. We can stage the entire home, select rooms, create a marketing vignette, or accessorize certain areas – your choice. Our vacant home staging is á la carte and can be customized to fit your particular needs.

Occupied Home Staging

Occupied home staging will freshen up the look of your loved and cared for home, so that it becomes attractive to prospective buyers.
Every home is unique – we will do an initial consultation to assess the needs of your property and propose a plan of action. We will work with your existing furniture and accessories. By reorganizing, repurposing and if necessary, bringing in additional decor, we will work to create a fresh new look that will make your property irresistible to buyers. 

Staging for Real Estate Investors & Model Home Merchandising

Your time is valuable and we know that the sooner you sell a property, the faster you will get to your next project. Staging your investment means that you will get multiple offers and sell the listing property for top dollar. We know you are on a budget and we offer several different packages to fit your need: short term, long term, inventory purchases and periodic updates.

In addition, we have the experience and a proven track record in managing investment properties. We can be your partner from acquisition to sale. Our extensive background in interior design and project management uniquely positions us to help increase the appeal of your property to your target market. Contact us to discuss your project.

First impressions are everything. We make them unforgettable.

Your home is your castle. It is as comfortable and unique as you. Selling your home means selling a lifestyle, but not necessarily your own. In home staging, we strive for a look that is fresh and welcoming yet not taste-specific. Potential buyers have varying tastes and they need to feel that they can make your home their own to make an offer.

It’s difficult for any homeowner to detach themselves from their environment, and that’s where Gulf to Bay comes in. We are trained professionals with hands-on knowledge and experience. We understand what is necessary to get your property ready to sell. We are also cognizant of the current market conditions and know how to get the job done.

From individual home owners looking to sell your property quickly, to investors and developers hoping to turn the biggest profit, we offer a designer’s eye everywhere it’s needed. Our process is creative yet calculated, and our skills will help you stay within budget while focusing on a fast and profitable sale.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.